Meaning of dig deep in English:

dig deep


  • Use a lot of one's physical, mental, or financial resources.

    • ‘dig deep—I know you can do better’
    • ‘the generous trio decided to dig deep into their own pockets’
    • ‘They have the moves, they have the power, but do they have that mental toughness to dig deep for 80 minutes?’
    • ‘I guess I'll have to dig deep and tap those resources of grit and resilience within me.’
    • ‘Generous Swindonians dug deep in their pockets and raised hundreds of pounds for the National Osteoporosis Society.’
    • ‘Shoppers rose to the occasion and dug deep into their pockets.’
    • ‘Over £700 was raised as performers sang, danced and played, and the audience dug deep for a raffle.’
    • ‘Time and again you had dug deep for one good cause after another.’
    • ‘The goal gave City a lift but it was to be short-lived as Town dug deep and battled back to equalise on 64 minutes.’
    • ‘The World Cup newcomers then dug deep to snatch a point against all the odds as their vibrant fans celebrated.’
    • ‘Revellers dug deep, contributing to raffles and stalls to boost the appeal as much as they could.’
    • ‘She had been struggling with niggling injuries but she just goes out there and digs deep and she got her silver medal as a reward.’