Meaning of digenean in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌɪdʒɪˈniːən/ /dʌɪˈdʒɛnɪən/


  • Relating to a group of flukes which are internal parasites needing two to four hosts to complete their life cycle.

    Compare with monogenean

    ‘It will be a major source of information in digenean taxonomy for the next several decades.’
    • ‘These results indicate that only seventeen out of the 150 or so digenean families are reported in the deep sea.’
    • ‘The present study demonstrates that digenean parasites induce population structure changes and shorten lifespan of mudsnails, through increasing size-dependent mortality.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the snail and digenean phylogenies do not appear congruent, implying that host switching occurs on evolutionary but not ecological timescales.’
    • ‘We have recently reported a study of the digenean intestinal parasites of 956 eels captured in the estuarine bays of Arousa and Ferrol in the northwest Iberian Peninsula.’


  • A digenean fluke; a trematode.

    Subclass Digenea, class Trematoda

    ‘This project is also linked with heavy metal toxicity studies, being carried out in our laboratory on the survival and infectivity of larval digeneans parasitising molluscan intermediate hosts.’
    • ‘In Chile, there are no records of these digeneans in any group of hosts.’
    • ‘Occasionally the eggs of some digeneans may also bear filaments, although these are more generally oval in shape, and brown in colour due to quinone-tanning of egg shell components.’
    • ‘Fifteen species of digeneans are reported from the waters off the islands of the Outer Hebrides, off north-western Scotland.’
    • ‘Since only nonovigerous metacercariae were found in the molluscan host, the life cycle in Kuwait Bay conforms with the pattern in tropical waters, where the digenean reaches maturity in fishes.’


1960s from modern Latin Digenea (from Greek di- ‘twice’ + genea ‘generation, race’) + -an.