Meaning of digestible in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈdʒɛstɪb(ə)l/

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  • 1(of food) able to be digested.

    ‘In the meantime he's got about five blankets on him and we're trying him on easily digestible food to build up his strength.’
    • ‘It acts as ‘crude fibre’ or ‘roughage’, an inert, bulky medium which helps to carry digestible food through the system.’
    • ‘Such declines are consistent with those observed in other ducks when they feed on highly digestible foods.’
    • ‘Lobster meat is easily digestible and effortless to garnish for all occasions.’
    • ‘Purchase the most balanced diet that uses the most digestible ingredients and costs the least per unit of nutrient.’
    • ‘There's a picture forming - one hundred thousand people, in a field, cramming themselves full of barely digestible meat.’
    • ‘Microbes in the animals' stomachs help ferment grass and other foods into a digestible state, producing the offending gases.’
    • ‘These foods provide easily digestible carbs and fatty acids to help your body build stronger and larger muscles.’
    • ‘Often overlooked, the apple's nearest cousin is easily digestible, so is a common ingredient in baby food.’
    • ‘Heat was used to cook and dry foods to make them more readily digestible and/or preserve them.’
    • ‘Try to get at least eight hours of sleep per night, and consume an easily digestible protein meal (such as a protein shake) two hours before bedtime.’
    • ‘Sugar has half the calories of fat, but is a lot more palatable and digestible than fat.’
    • ‘These acids not only make the fruit itself digestible (a ripe raw apple is easily digested in only 85 minutes), but also make it helpful in the digestion of other foods.’
    • ‘This work brings scientists closer to developing plants that provide increased nutrition, cheaper food additives, and easily digestible animal feed.’
    • ‘You're smart to get your daily requirement of calcium from food since this form is more digestible than supplements.’
    • ‘Sugar beet pulp adds a source of digestible fibre; include molasses to improve palatability and to eliminate dust.’
    • ‘The combination of the mixing action and the bacterium delignifies the outer coat of the cereal to make it digestible.’
    • ‘Eating easily digestible sources of sugar (candy bars, high-energy drinks, and so on) immediately before competition does not seem to aid or hinder performance in most swimming events.’
    • ‘Grasses are high in carbohydrates and soluble sugars, not in digestible fiber, which helps to initiate rumen development.’
    • ‘This is why it is completely digestible and functional and why many people who are allergic to other yeasts have no problem with this one.’
    safe to eat, fit to eat, fit to be eaten, fit for human consumption, wholesome, good to eat, consumable, digestible, palatable, comestible
  • 2(of information) easy to understand or follow.

    ‘her books convey philosophical issues in a lucid and digestible form’
    • ‘Week after week, content sites unveil redesigned products, boasting new and improved user interfaces, easy navigation and digestible information.’
    • ‘Cartoons, colour pictures and easily digestible facts make this a fun read.’
    • ‘In reality, they rarely delve deeper than a brief glance past easily digestible issues that affect cinema's primary consumer; the First World's middle class.’
    • ‘If they have to get ideological, most Democratic senators would rather base their vote on an easily digestible fact that resonates with their core supporters.’
    • ‘The film also features a specially adapted prologue that presents crucial plot information in an easily digestible form.’
    • ‘Information is presented in a helpful and meaningful way, often simplifying complex levels of information to become digestible to those to whom the presentation is given.’
    • ‘Technology is necessary to store, retrieve, and organize vast quantities of information and make it digestible by human beings.’
    • ‘Thankfully, the new accounting regulations will make this information more digestible.’
    • ‘The rich and diverse subject matter is presented in informative and digestible chunks, written with great clarity of language.’
    • ‘In the pre-Web world, he published newsletters for software users that boiled down a complex subject into simple, digestible tidbits.’
    • ‘She excels in taking complex concepts and materials of all types and presenting them in such a clear and down-to-earth way that they are easily comprehensible and digestible.’
    • ‘The book is written in a very clear and easily digestible style, describing complicated matters in simple ways.’
    • ‘I would like to turn the long answer into something coherent and digestible, but I can't make any promises on either of those counts.’
    • ‘It's the kind of movie that won't appeal to those who like their cinema divided into easily decomposable, neatly digestible morsels.’
    • ‘Needless to say, it's a far more easily digestible morsel of math-rock, not wearing its avant-garde badge as a source of pride.’
    • ‘And if you grow your own, you'll find that freshly harvested homegrown beans are more digestible and require much less cooking time than most store-bought beans.’
    • ‘They need to be provided with food that is easily digestible.’
    • ‘They feed their chicks with food that is digestible for the cuckoo chick, and they have a nest size and egg size that make it possible for the young cuckoo to eject the nest contents.’
    • ‘He is able to deconstruct the women's psyche into digestible bits and can dispense useful wisdom on dressing and demeanor, but for the audience's cruel gratification he cannot make use of his plentiful expertise.’
    • ‘I guess I could say many of us have not found this legislation to be particularly digestible, in the sense of being able immediately to fall into a position of overriding support for it.’
    easily understood, easily grasped, comprehensible, understandable, intelligible, articulate, coherent, lucid, clear, crystal clear, crystalline


Late Middle English via Old French from Latin digestibilis, from digest- ‘digested’, from the verb digerere (see digest).