Meaning of digestive gland in English:

digestive gland


  • A glandular organ of digestion present in crustaceans, molluscs, and certain other invertebrates.

    ‘From the mouth, particles are moved through a short esophagus to the digestive gland surrounding the stomach.’
    • ‘In the ensuing few hours the trap seals itself airtight, and digestive glands in the leaf secrete enzymes that reduce the insect to a dry husk.’
    • ‘The shell is secreted by the mantle, which lines it and also encloses the mantle cavity within which are the gills, the osphradium (a chemo-sensory organ), and openings of the digestive glands.’
    • ‘One section, including a piece of the digestive gland, was frozen at - 80°C for further electrophoretic analyses.’
    • ‘It functions as the principal store of cations and phosphate in the grain and as a digestive gland that synthesizes and secretes a range of acid hydrolases.’