Meaning of digger's hat in English:

digger's hat

(also digger hat)


Australian, New Zealand
  • A soft-brimmed felt hat, especially one worn as part of the Australian army uniform.

    ‘he stood with his rifle over his squared shoulders and his digger's hat at the correct angle’
    • ‘In faded uniforms and the most battered, indomitable digger hats, they essayed to march up the gangway.’
    • ‘I have an image of some Australian soldier, in his khaki shorts and desert boots, his digger hat with the brim pinned up on one side, shaking dust out of his watch.’
    • ‘This is the place for the best selection in caps, including digger hats.’
    • ‘The digger hat is an Aussie legend which began in the trenches of Gallipoli in 1915.’
    • ‘We have real leather digger hats is various styles and fit.’
    • ‘The most important pieces of clothing were a digger's hat and boots.’
    • ‘A digger's hat, made from rabbit's fur with its fold-up sides and ceremonial ostrich feather plume, is the essence of an Australian soldier's uniform and distinctive identity.’
    • ‘We allowed Jim to take the lead, holding his digger's hat aloft, and walked cautiously towards the centre of town.’
    • ‘They received practical khaki shorts and battle jackets for summer, as well as khaki digger's hats.’
    • ‘They settled into orderly lines ashore, each man shoulder to shoulder, digger's hats cocked and jaunty, rifles shouldered, and officers still screaming and yelling.’