Meaning of diggings in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪɡɪŋz/

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plural noun

  • 1A site such as a mine or goldfield that has been excavated.

    ‘hills scarred with peat diggings’
    • ‘Most of the zeolite cavities have been found where fresh diggings or rock excavations occur, such as quarries, canal excavations, diggings for dams and their foundations, and, interestingly, in wells dug for water for agricultural use.’
    • ‘For just £10 an hour and with no experience required, it is a really exhilarating way to explore this unique waterway network of shallow lakes formed from medieval peat diggings.’
    • ‘The majority of tench fishing takes place in natural loughs or loughs produced by peat diggings.’
    • ‘On their way to the diggings, these early miners would brave many hardships such as heat, cold, lack of water, unfriendly tribes and shortage of food, just to obtain this treasured mineral.’
    • ‘He was keen enough to walk to the diggings at Yam Creek Reef where he camped with a party of prospectors from Kapunda.’
    • ‘From their mobile studios, daguerreotypists showed a bleak landscape of rocky boulders, improvised workings and hastily-built shelter, and men in the diggings lined up in rows, usually holding their mining tools.’
    • ‘California's was the most male of the rushes, though native women were present in the diggings, and Miwok women, for example, took up mining in order to supplement older subsistence strategies.’
    • ‘From that location, they could see to the north twenty miles to the Crow Creek diggings (present-day Radersburg) just west of the Missouri River.’
    • ‘The company operated its first service from Melbourne to the Forest Creek diggings, and subsequently developed a network of routes throughout Victoria.’
    • ‘They were followed two years later by large numbers of Chinese men on their way to the Victorian gold diggings.’
    • ‘After the issue of more than a thousand licences and nearly $40,000 worth of gold the diggings were almost deserted by the end of the year.’
    • ‘After a stint at the Victorian diggings he returned more than a pound of gold to his brother Patrick with the first Gold Escort.’
    • ‘Gold exports started to fall towards the end of the century as diggings were exhausted.’
    • ‘Here he became the most recognised of all artists who recorded life on the diggings.’
    • ‘The diggings were exhausted and all the miners had departed to new strikes on Germansen Creek.’
    • ‘Indeed, there are long mole-like tunnel diggings criss-crossing everywhere.’
    • ‘The pits began to fill with water, making the peat more difficult to extract and eventually the diggings were abandoned.’
    • ‘As a third example, descriptions of the technologies that transported miners to the diggings provide the opportunity for deeper musings into the relationship between miners and their environment.’
    • ‘Continued exploration in the Ontonagon area revealed more of these ancient diggings that contained visible signs of copper, some in large masses.’
    • ‘Avoid bears by looking for their signs: fresh diggings, bear scats, tracks, salmon carcasses (if you are along rivers).’
    1. 1.1Material that has been dug from the ground.
  • 2British informal, dated Lodgings.

    • ‘He issued an invite to his diggings in the Temple.’
    • ‘I slept 2 nights in his diggings, and had long and hearty talks with him.’
    home, house, place of habitation, place of residence, accommodation, habitat, base, seat