Meaning of digital immigrant in English:

digital immigrant

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  • A person born or brought up before the widespread use of digital technology.

    ‘chances are many digital immigrants will find managing online privacy a daunting prospect’
    • ‘In general, the concept of digital wisdom attempts to integrate the digital immigrants into the technology areas where the digital natives reside.’
    • ‘Teachers who are digital immigrants do not feel comfortable with technology.’
    • ‘Like many of you in this room, I'm a digital immigrant.’
    • ‘I often feel that I am a digital immigrant inhabiting the world of digital natives.’
    • ‘He describes today's students as "digital natives," whereas today's teachers are often "digital immigrants."’
    • ‘He was given as an example of a digital immigrant who has digital wisdom.’
    • ‘He talks about digital natives (eg ten year olds) and digital immigrants (eg him and management of most media organisations).’
    • ‘Like many of you, I'm a digital immigrant.’
    • ‘The relentless feeling of pressing email or text messages is largely among the 'digital immigrants' not the 'natives' that operate with all senses on.’
    • ‘Apparently, the next cohort will be the Millennials (born since 1995) who, together with Generation Y, are digital natives rather than digital immigrants.’
    • ‘I don't know how to fix the computer, because I'm a digital immigrant.’
    • ‘Interestingly, very few educational technology advocates mention that the digital immigrants were the creators of these devices and environments.’
    • ‘When older folks—those whom I call "digital immigrants"—use the word, they still think of the early, pre-computer, simple games such as board and card games.’
    • ‘It did take him quite a long time to realise he was a "digital immigrant" as opposed to a "digital native".’
    • ‘Students coming into universities today are "digital natives" and fundamentally different in their use of technology than the "digital immigrants" who teach them.’
    • ‘The "complex" game, in the sense that I mean it here, did not exist when these digital immigrants—most of today's parents and teachers—were growing up.’
    • ‘The younger generation has grown up with technology all around them and can get by better than "digital immigrants" who will always feel a bit foreign.’
    • ‘The peculiar challenge then, is for us digital immigrants—many of whom are in positions to determine how news is assembled and disseminated—to apply a digital mindset to a new set of challenges.’
    • ‘Even though digital immigrants can never become digital natives, these individuals can acquire and possess digital wisdom.’
    • ‘As digital immigrants who have lived uprooted and undomesticated lives we identify with the deep sense of humour of the coffee mums of the gated communities.’