Meaning of digital nomad in English:

digital nomad

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  • A person who earns a living working online in various locations of their choosing (rather than a fixed business location)

    ‘the ability to travel while still earning a living is my favourite thing about being a digital nomad’
    • ‘Some countries are making a targeted bid to attract digital nomads.’
    • ‘ Digital nomad communities are driven by rapidly-formed, intimate, in-person connections.’
    • ‘As a digital nomad, I generally spend far more on vacation rentals than traditional hotel rooms.’
    • ‘Wellington has been recognised as one of the world 's top destinations for remote workers and digital nomads.’
    • ‘Digital nomads can either hold careers that are related to travel or they can simply work remotely.’
    • ‘Dylan spends winters overseas and is a digital nomad.’
    • ‘She wrote enthusiastically about her life as a digital nomad.’
    • ‘Digital nomads are accustomed to a lifestyle where they can pick and choose where they'd like to live.’
    • ‘Iceland is offering six-month visas for digital nomads.’
    • ‘In years past, digital nomads would cross and recross borders as needed to avoid overstaying.’