Meaning of digitizer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪdʒɪtʌɪzə/

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(also British digitiser)

See digitize

‘a piece of hardware such as a digitizer’
  • ‘The recent advances in silicon photonics make it possible to integrate the entire digitizer on a silicon chip, leading to a compact and low-cost solution.’
  • ‘In such a case, the minimum signal level of the camera is below the threshold of the digitizer so that the digitizer is unable to detect the zero level.’
  • ‘Users can buy a third party digitizer, or attach a USB keyboard.’
  • ‘Used in a single or double configuration, this high-speed digitiser provides high resolution in a small form factor.’
  • ‘The bug is a memory leak in the default digitizer that ships with the system, and has been irking users for over a year.’