Meaning of dihybrid in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈhʌɪbrɪd/


  • A hybrid that is heterozygous for alleles of two different genes.

    as modifier ‘a dihybrid cross’
    • ‘When dihybrids make gametes, they produce 4 possibilities which are listed on top and on the side of the box below.’
    • ‘Other genetic interactions were identified because the results of crossing two dihybrids produced a modified Mendelian ratio.’
    • ‘This is simply a cross between dihybrids, except that the various alleles do not have simple dominant-recessive relations, and their exists an interaction between the two loci.’
    • ‘To simplify the analysis, mate the dihybrid with a homozygous recessive strain (ccshsh).’
    • ‘Include in your report only crosses used to determine the map, you can use dihybrids or trihybrids (trihybrids will be much faster).’