Meaning of dihydric in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈhʌɪdrɪk/


  • (of an alcohol) containing two hydroxyl groups.

    ‘Polyurethanes are created from dihydric alcohols and diisocyanate monomers.’
    • ‘This early work was based on toluene diisocyanate reacted with dihydric alcohols.’
    • ‘Aliphatic dihydric alcohols are known as glycols.’
    • ‘Subsequently, the polyphenol was further separated into dihydric phenols and monohydric phenol.’
    • ‘Of the four dihydric alcohols, ethylene glycol was superior to the other three alcohols in the smoothness and color of the deposit and the cathodic current efficiency.’


Late 19th century from di-‘two’ + hydrogen+ -ic.