Meaning of dilatation and curettage in English:

dilatation and curettage



(also D and C)
  • A surgical procedure involving dilatation of the cervix and curettage of the uterus, performed after a miscarriage or for the removal of cysts or tumours.

    ‘That's something around the order of about 8% of patients who take the medication will not have a satisfactory effect and will require a dilatation and curettage to complete the miscarriage, or to complete the abortion.’
    • ‘Other examples include orthopaedic procedures such as carpel tunnel release and release of tennis elbow; gynaecological procedures, such as D and C; and gastroenterology procedures, including endoscopy and colonoscopy.’
    • ‘Termination of pregnancy or miscarriages that involve dilatation and curettage sometimes inadvertently remove myometrial tissue as well as removing the products of conception.’
    • ‘Today, a young woman came in for an endometrial biopsy, having already chosen to forego a dilatation and curettage.’
    • ‘In fact, the law is so broad that if complications arise from an abortion and a girl has to have a D and C later on, parental consent is required for that.’