Meaning of dilate on in English:

dilate on

phrasal verb

  • dilate on somethingSpeak or write at length on a subject.

    ‘the faithful could hear the minister dilate on the role religion could play’
    • ‘She is speaking to us from the security of her living room, safe in her culpable life, dilating on the most hopeless of catastrophes.’
    • ‘He was one of the first creative people to dilate on this theme philosophically in his novel, first by questioning, ‘Where was the providence of the simple faith?’’
    • ‘I don't have the space here to, er, dilate on the issue but in my view real women are, alas, a dying breed.’
    • ‘As he dilates on his eventual permanent return to the Limberlost, she turns away to hide her tears.’
    • ‘He's also dilated on Times Square in a number of brimming, semi-abstracted compositions featuring gaseous streetlamps, geometric signage and emphatic, top-to-bottom cuts of l' heure bleue sky.’
    • ‘There was a time, a mere few hundred years ago, when any astrologer who dilated on the correct message of this chart would have ended up in the Tower!’
    • ‘For example, their work gives him the opportunity to dilate on the weaknesses of the Marxist labour theory of value.’
    • ‘Several decades later Alexander I in a private letter wrote that ‘For the largest part the peasants of Russia are slaves; I do not need to dilate on the degradation and the misfortunes of such a position.’’
    • ‘The first is ‘responsible’ and the second is ‘safety’, and I want to dilate on both of them.’
    • ‘I can't dilate on this without revealing too much about the novel's content - and it's premature for me to do that.’
    • ‘I'm willing to dilate on this and any other interesting tidbit someone happens to dig up in the text of the Geneva Conventions tomorrow after I get some sleep.’
    • ‘Now, I do not have time to dilate on the way that that fed into the matrix of facts, but suffice to say it was an important matter from the defence point of view.’
    expatiate, expound, expand, enlarge, elaborate, speak at length, write at length, talk in detail