Meaning of dilatoriness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪlət(ə)rɪnəs/

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See dilatory

‘The proposal is largely uncontroversial, but the dilatoriness of the government has held things up.’
  • ‘Nor, if the effect of its dilatoriness is to put the defence in a position where the defence is not ready for the trial can the Crown seek an extension and show that it has acted with all due expedition.’
  • ‘I hope that the Minister, who has shown a fair amount of dilatoriness in terms of bringing this important bill to the Committee, will take a call and assure us that that will be possible.’
  • ‘The only cause of the prejudice to him in the case of dismissal for want of prosecution is dilatoriness which took place after the action was started whether on his own part or on the part of his legal advisors.’
  • ‘If the drawer closes his account with the latter bank in the meantime, the cheque will be dishonoured by that bank due to the collecting bank's dilatoriness.’