Meaning of dilettantish in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɪlɪˈtantɪʃ/

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See dilettante

‘The stigma attached to student films is that they are amateurish, dilettantish and excusable on the grounds that they're made by non-professionals.’
  • ‘He won't be quite as dilettantish about it and will be focused on that.’
  • ‘Her activism was derided as ideologically dilettantish from an actress encased within the Hollywood system and vainly seeking authenticity through scattergun sloganeering.’
  • ‘Most war movies come off as voyeuristic or dilettantish, but there are three that come to mind which don't seem altogether frivolous.’
  • ‘The liberal arts began, in this atmosphere, to seem dilettantish by comparison to the hard-nosed managerial disciplines, with their problem-solving ethos and their convincing simulation of a scientific spirit.’