Meaning of diluvial in English:



  • Relating to a flood or floods, especially the biblical Flood.

    ‘These numbers defy uniformitarian mechanisms and are much more consistent with a diluvial mechanism.’
    • ‘Leading catastrophists such as them promoted the so-called diluvial theory, which accounted for many geological phenomena by the action of the biblical flood.’
    • ‘There is that fishy loophole in the whole diluvial death wish.’
    • ‘After all, Bollywood musicals possess the same excessive sentiment and diluvial instrumentation as the modern American musical, but seldom does the former give way to maudlin or milquetoast outcomes.’
    • ‘His vocals alone possess so much diluvial strength that the ocean of queer chants, orchestral washes, and electronic elements of the album are rendered unnecessary.’



/dʌɪˈl(j)uːvɪəl/ /dɪˈl(j)uːvɪəl/


Mid 17th century from late Latin diluvialis, from diluvium ‘deluge’, from diluere ‘wash away’.