Meaning of dimethyl sulphoxide in English:

dimethyl sulphoxide


(also dimethyl sulfoxide)
mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless liquid used as a solvent and synthetic reagent. It is readily able to penetrate the skin and is used in medicinal preparations for skin application.

    Chemical formula: (CH₃)₂SO

    ‘The aim of this study is to explore the fascinating suggestion that structural differences can be induced in hypericin by changing the solvent from a commonly used solvent such as dimethyl sulfoxide to tetrahydrofuran.’
    • ‘The polar chemical dimethyl sulfoxide is a widely used reagent in cell biology.’
    • ‘Water insoluble compounds were given as a solution in dimethyl sulphoxide.’
    • ‘Although few studies have centered on the effects of hospital smells, one examined the effects of the odor of dimethyl sulfoxide in an oncology unit.’
    • ‘Dermal exposure of ricin is of little concern because the absorption amount is insignificant unless it is enhanced with a strong solvent such as dimethyl sulfoxide.’


dimethyl sulphoxide

/dʌɪˌmiːθʌɪl sʌlˈfɒksʌɪd/ /-ˌmɛθ-/ /-θɪl/