Meaning of dimly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪmli/

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  • 1With a faint light; not brightly.

    ‘a single lamp glowed dimly in the gloom’
    • ‘a dimly lit corridor’
    • ‘The testing was carried out in a dimly illuminated room.’
    • ‘The lamp on Albert's desk glowed golden orange, dimly illuminating the dusty, disorderly office.’
    • ‘The light shone dimly off the white wall directly across the sparse, small room.’
    • ‘A single lamp glowed dimly in the gloom.’
    • ‘When we finally got back we found our fire still burning dimly.’
    • ‘A star or two twinkled dimly here and there through the rifts of the clouds.’
    • ‘They looked like electric lights -- disappearing, reappearing dimly, then shining as bright as ever.’
    • ‘The gas light flickered dimly.’
    • ‘Inside a single arc-light burned dimly, high up near the roof of the enormous hall, whose windows vanished in the gloom.’
    • ‘The restaurant, with its dark wood paneling, dimly glowing brass light fixtures and green velour booths, reeks of old-time Hollywood noir.’
    1. 1.1In a faint or indistinct way; not clearly.
      ‘the desert is dimly visible in the light of the moon’
      • ‘the dimly outlined figure of a young boy’
      • ‘The Schuylkill River appears in the foreground, with a domed building dimly silhouetted on the horizon of the distant plateau.’
      • ‘The building can be dimly discerned in a photograph of 1880.’
      • ‘He also developed new ways of putting on paint to produce the effect of features dimly seen through steam and driving rain.’
      • ‘He favoured placid stretches of water dimly fringed with translucent foliage.’
      • ‘Small ghostly figures in protective gear (presumably government drug agents) are dimly discernible as they approach the tent.’
      • ‘The bartender is dimly perceptible in the black light by the cash register.’
      • ‘Grace stopped in the door, dimly silhouetted by the dull gray morning light.’
      • ‘Their musculature, dimly delineated, nonetheless lacks three-dimensionality.’
      • ‘Before us was the devout audience, dimly shown by the light which streamed through the windows.’
      • ‘The main chain of the Great Atlas was now in view, dimly apparent at a distance of some sixty miles.’
    2. 1.2In a way that is not clearly perceived or recalled.
      ‘we became dimly aware of voices’
      • ‘I can only dimly remember the 1960s’
      • ‘My favorite part was always the opening for two pianos, drum kit, and (I dimly recall) bass.’
      • ‘In the end, I felt a little cheated, because I was dimly aware of the wasted potential.’
      • ‘But that time will be long ahead, when building materials have properties that we can only dimly imagine.’
      • ‘The postman brought three letters, among them one whose superscription was in a hand which seemed dimly familiar to me.’
      • ‘He's that kind of serviceable but anonymous character actor whose face you dimly recognize but whose name escapes your memory.’
      • ‘Those of us who gathered in Grierson's office that day were scarcely aware of what had hit us, comprehending only dimly the magnitude of the crisis.’
      • ‘The children behave according to their own, only dimly understandable logic, absorbing the lessons of the adult world in strange and upsetting ways.’
      • ‘The band members agree that they remember the details surrounding these songs only very dimly.’
      • ‘It all adds up into sounding very important, but ultimately only dimly memorable.’
      • ‘The origins of the nation are only dimly known.’
  • 2Used to express disapproval.

    ‘he would look dimly upon any attempt to change her team’
    • ‘the organizers view such enterprise very dimly’
    • ‘Germany's justification - that of self-defence - was regarded dimly by the French government.’
    • ‘It's easy, even a mild pleasure, to look dimly upon the essay's patrician airs and haughty notions.’
    • ‘Investors would look very dimly on an acquisition as the synergies are not that significant.’
    • ‘The Labour insider said the party would view any wrongdoing very dimly.’
    • ‘However dimly you may view his ideological goals, it's likely that his management experience at the Defense Department has prepared him well to oversee that agency.’
    • ‘If you think dimly of people, they will have a dim view of themselves.’
    • ‘While Flaubert may have thought dimly of both humanity and the French republic, he didn't have to consider his country as a colonial state continually on the brink of collapse.’
    • ‘I think very dimly of restaurants that charge for a glass of tap water.’
    • ‘Marriage was expected to last and divorce, though hardly unknown, was regarded dimly.’
    • ‘Government and state in the first half of the nineteenth century were dimly seen as agencies for the exaction of taxes.’