Meaning of dimmer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪmə/

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    (also dimmer switch)
    A device for varying the brightness of an electric light.

    ‘The bathrooms are smartly tiled in black and white, and feature the unusual touch of a dimmer switch for the lights.’
    • ‘I turned down the dimmer switch as the harsh lights still hurt my eyes a little bit.’
    • ‘He was picturing a dimmer switch, and watching it turn down, lowering the lights to a more pleasant level.’
    • ‘According to her, bright lights increase a person's energy whereas a dimmer switch and candles can create ambient lighting that helps to bring down our energy and makes us feel more relaxed.’
    • ‘This is not like a dimmer switch, but more like a light switch.’
    • ‘A dimmer switch installs just like any other switch.’
    • ‘The tapered, long slender jaws of these pliers are the best tool for adding a switch to a lamp cord or installing a dimmer switch.’
    • ‘However, once all diners are seated and have loaded their plates, a softer lighting is more appropriate and a dimmer switch will nicely provide for multiple intensities.’
    • ‘The two versions are created by a slight variation in the sequence of DNA in a region of the gene that acts like a dimmer switch, controlling the level of the gene's turning on and off.’
    • ‘Every office will have a manual dimmer switch, giving the office occupant optimum control of the lighting levels he or she finds most productive.’
    • ‘My sister-in-law and I once had a blast installing a dimmer switch.’
    • ‘For a modern look, install a dimmer switch at a cost of £10.’
    • ‘The decor was subtly neutral, with tiny halogen spotlights on a dimmer switch to suit your mood.’
    • ‘But then there was light, and dimmer switches, and two-way switches, and sockets.’
    • ‘They are regular line voltage incandescent dimmers.’
    • ‘I hop up to adjust the dimmer on the halogen lights, partly so we can absorb the honey glow and partly because of the novelty.’
    • ‘Although the musical education I got there was terrific, the only things electronic in the building were the light dimmers.’
    • ‘I'd be happy with a dimmer on every light in the house - they're crucial to modulating the mood of a space.’
    • ‘Compact fluorescent lights and dimmers are used through the house to save electricity.’
    • ‘Ambience is the most important ingredient for any party, and the best way to change a mood is via lighting - fit dimmer switches to lower the lights as the night progresses.’
  • 2US A headlight with a low beam.

    1. 2.1dimmersSmall parking lights on a motor vehicle.