Meaning of dimorphism in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈmɔːfɪz(ə)m/



See dimorphic

‘I then present a formal model for the evolution of recombination dimorphism on autosomes and on sex chromosomes.’
  • ‘We used the relative degree of sexual size dimorphism in taxa as an approximate indicator of relative strength of sexual selection in this study.’
  • ‘Sex chromosomes in M. violaceum were identified by the cosegregation of mating type and chromosome dimorphism and by mating-type-specific markers.’
  • ‘However, the degree of dimorphism in some clades of mammals, including perissodactyls, does not correlate with the degree of polygyny.’
  • ‘Thus, general patterns relating variation in male and female reproductive success to sexual size dimorphism in mammals remain unclear.’