Meaning of dimply in English:


adjectivedimplier, dimpliest

See dimple

‘By detoxifying the skin cells, the seaweed helps to reduce the dimply appearance of cellulite; iodine in the solution boosts the thyroid, which helps to accelerate the fat-burning process.’
  • ‘My dimply bottomed toddler was rapidly turning into a proper person and I worried that if I didn't make the jump now I would miss out on her childhood.’
  • ‘Puckered, dimply skin on the thighs, hips and buttocks, otherwise known as the dreaded cellulite, remains a mystery on many levels.’
  • ‘Over her bed hung a large framed picture of a beautiful young teenager with a broad, dimply, sparkly smile.’
  • ‘The cute, dimply boy stood at the frame of the door, as the teacher introduced his name.’