Meaning of dinero in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈnɛːrəʊ/

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mass noun informal North American
  • Money.

    • ‘their pockets full of dinero’
    • ‘I've never tried it, but it makes sense to me, especially if it means saving mucho dinero on gifts.’
    • ‘Shame on the Canadian money men for not throwing in a few Canadian dinero for at least a commentary track.’
    • ‘It hopes to capture the Latino market and grab mucho dinero without changing the network's news programming.’
    • ‘Being 22, I assume you no longer wear diapers, but I trust you could guard your own pile of dinero all by yourself.’
    • ‘All that dinero went to her own charity, which subsidizes school art programs.’
    • ‘The authorities are down on your bang-up idea for the banged-up because it would cost them dinero.’
    • ‘Overall, I'd strongly recommend a weekend rental to see what you think before dropping your hard-earned dinero.’
    • ‘A young cowboy out hunting antelope on the high Trans-Pecos desert, he stumbles upon the aftermath of the drug war and makes the mistake of absconding with $2 million worth of unclaimed and misbegotten dinero.’
    • ‘So what if the movies were little more than bookends for the disturbingly graphic short subjects, it was those inserts from whence the satisfaction, salaciousness, and serious dinero flowed.’
    • ‘The book is pricey (I told you I spent severe dinero today) but, in my mind, well worth it.’
    • ‘I made much dinero - a whole bunch more than I made before I moved.’
    • ‘There has been plenty to celebrate from the dawn of the new century too, of course - a period during which the property magnate has spent dinero like there was no mañana.’
    • ‘Sure, people could spend mucho dinero on these silly silk things, but he was quite fond of his gray sweats.’
    • ‘It's simply not worth risking your hard-earned dinero on some sketchy website offer.’
    • ‘Now apparently you have to pay a small amount of dinero to get onto the grounds.’
    • ‘Should this movie gobble up your post dinner dinero?’
    • ‘I continued instead, hurriedly, ‘The point is, I should start looking for a job to get the dinero I so desperately need right now.’’
    • ‘Did you ever get a lead on who's offering the dinero?’
    • ‘I ain't gonna be able to take the dinero with me, so I gotta take care of myself while I can.’
    • ‘So he wrecks his highball havoc all over D.C. because an arms deal dealt him out of the dinero.’
    cash, hard cash, ready money


Spanish, ‘coin, money’.