Meaning of dinger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪŋə/

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  • 1Baseball
    informal A home run.

    • ‘Does anybody care that they each hit 49 dingers twice?’
    • ‘However, a full 60% of his dingers the past five years have come at this home-run friendly field.’
    • ‘Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth had 342 and 309 dingers, respectively, at that same age.’
    • ‘The Twins and their opponents hit 172 dingers there, while clouting 186 in opposing ballparks, an eight percent edge.’
    • ‘Well, since then, he is hitting .316 with 13 HR and is on pace to hit a career-high 26 dingers.’
    • ‘More impressive, 11 of his dingers have come at cavernous RFK Stadium.’
    • ‘He is batting a solid .328 and has batted 52 runs in along with 13 dingers.’
    • ‘Two years ago, I posed the question to the Yankees' manager about using the replay on disputed fair-foul dingers.’
    • ‘He went on to hit at least 25 over the next four seasons and finished his career in 1955 with 202 lifetime dingers.’
    • ‘Furthermore, with six dingers in his last ten games, he is now leading the majors in home runs this season with 15.’
    • ‘He hit 30 homers for the Cubs in 1993, and ended his career with 81 dingers.’
    • ‘One bedazzled writer even commented he was on a pace to hit 81 dingers.’
    • ‘Aaron wound up with just 41 more dingers while coming to the plate 4,000 more times!’
    • ‘You have to go back more than a dozen years to the Dodgers in 1992 to find a team giving up so few dingers.’
    • ‘Sure, he hit the aforementioned dinger, but in the fifth he came up with runners on first and second, two out, and flew out.’
    • ‘I thought that when Reggie hit a dinger, that maybe my dad would be able to come through on one of his many promises, too.’
    • ‘High-tech bats have so enhanced players' power that some leagues have taken to limiting the number of home runs a team can hit, turning subsequent dingers into more modest doubles.’
    • ‘While the offense and special teams were hitting home runs, the FSU defense was giving up bunches of singles and doubles, plus the occasional dinger.’
    • ‘In the game I attended, he singled, hit a rocket down first that he failed to beat out only because he couldn't be troubled to run, and then launched his mammoth dinger.’
    • ‘His home run call, ‘And you can tell it goodbye’ gave generations of fans in the Bay area a rally cry for every dinger hit.’
    1. 1.1US informal, dated A thing outstanding of its kind.
      • ‘it was going to be a dinger of a night’
      • ‘This gave me the opportunity to put together a wing dinger of a Halloween party since the students would generally follow directions without question.’
      • ‘It is the Department of Conservation flip-flop, and it is a dinger.’
      • ‘This was a real dinger of a game with terrific ball display and a great victory for Ivan.’
      • ‘This was a dinger of a game with the sides on level terms at the end of normal time.’


Late 19th century shortening of humdinger.