Meaning of dingo fence in English:

dingo fence


  • A fence erected around an area to keep out dingoes.

    Also called dog fence

    ‘a 1.8km dingo fence was completed on the island last month’
    • ‘The dingo fence marches to the north, a wire barrier twice the length of the Great Wall of China.’
    • ‘The famed dingo fence stretches some 5000 kilometres from the bottom of South Australia up to northwest Queensland.’
    • ‘They were virtually wiped out of South Eastern Australia, and the building of the great Dingo Fence was underway.’
    • ‘In other words, those sections hopped the dingo fence.’
    • ‘It is a tale of outback terror, and the blood and gore is spread out further than the Dingo Fence itself.’
    • ‘The Australians have built a dingo fence, separating off the sheep-farming southeastern part of the country to protect the sheep from dingo attacks.’
    • ‘The Dingo Fence is claimed to be the longest man-made artefact on the planet.’
    • ‘The dingo fence has pretty well kept dingoes under control.’
    • ‘She will fill in for me for the day while I attend to life outside the dingo fence.’
    • ‘The dingo fence was originally built to be rabbit-proof as well, but that ended up requiring a whole second fence.’