Meaning of dining car in English:

dining car


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  • A railway carriage equipped as a restaurant.

    ‘The teenager left school to help support his mother, working as a pantry boy on railway dining cars.’
    • ‘Velvety blacks and hazy dry-brushed grays at right depict a table set for two in a railway dining car with a blurred vista in the background.’
    • ‘And where better to depict a city on the move than from a Midland dining car at the National Railway Museum in York?’
    • ‘There was also an Assistant General Car Foreman along with three Assistant Foremen (one each for coaches, sleeping and dining cars and washing), on day shift.’
    • ‘A dining car, a sleeping car, and maintenance-of-way equipment might illustrate the jobs of African-American railroaders, yet these are located in different sections of the building.’
    • ‘It may be slower than a plane, bus or car, but for long-distance trips it has its good sides - a toilet, a dining car and a sleeping car.’
    • ‘Our train was a bunch of First-class sleeping cars and a dining car.’
    • ‘A fair amount of heavyweight passenger equipment was still in use, too, along with Pullmans and dining cars.’
    • ‘I realize that railroad dining cars are not cheap, and that first class passengers don't worry about the cost because meals are included, but it was ridiculous that I spent a total of $17.75 for breakfast, including the tip.’
    • ‘I proceeded 3 more cars toward the head of the train to find the dining car.’
    • ‘My favorite dining car meal is breakfast so we trooped to the diner for immediate seating by the cheerful stewardess.’
    • ‘In Easton, he photographed The Sportsman Diner, which was in an old dining car.’
    • ‘This, alas, meant a long walk to the lounge and dining cars.’
    • ‘Lake Pontchartrain was crossed in bright sunlight; at Slidell, the lounge and dining cars opened for business.’
    • ‘I'll also never forget many a night spent in dining cars after hours.’
    • ‘He updated Amtrak information at the station, including a new menu for the Texas Eagle dining cars.’
    • ‘Al, mistakenly believing his wife had wanted to sleep in, found two younger women to accompany him to the dining car.’
    • ‘Evidently, she did not care if he was her waiter; he was in charge of the dining car, so she repeated her question.’
    • ‘Some passengers came aboard with coolers and bags of food, but we preferred the experience of the dining car.’
    • ‘Michael decided that he did not want a full breakfast from the dining car.’