Meaning of dining table in English:

dining table


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  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room.

    ‘The range of ornamental furniture extends to cots, dressing tables and dining tables.’
    • ‘Bedroom furniture, dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, rugs and three piece suites cover the range of goods imported from Mexican craftspeople.’
    • ‘Different kinds of chairs, study tables, computer tables, dining tables, sofa sets, cots etc would have interested many.’
    • ‘When assembled, a full range of furniture could be had, from beds, chairs, and desks to gaming tables, dining tables, and cabinets.’
    • ‘Low tables with smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces can serve as both dining tables for snack time and as work surfaces for art projects or puzzle making.’
    • ‘And hence, what you get here is an entire range of household furniture; from sofa sets to dining tables and cots.’
    • ‘One can buy cots, dining tables, sofa sets and corner stands in this section.’
    • ‘There was a door in the back, revealing a separate room with several dining tables, customers being served by two waitresses.’
    • ‘She cooked lasagna and garlic bread for dinner and decorated the dining table with a checked table cloth and candles.’
    • ‘You can do both because you can transform this poker table into a dining table simply by flipping the top!’
    • ‘Thirteen people gathered around my dining table to share a meal and to meet the new man in the life of my youngest daughter.’
    • ‘Not only will this exhibition be fruitful for those on the lookout for sleek sofa sets and dining tables, for the discernible office-goers there would be interiors with partitions and executive chairs.’
    • ‘Abbey looked around the room full of rich men and women, to the gaudy wallpaper, to the exquisite chandelier and to the dining tables with candles lit in the middle.’
    • ‘However, this room is quite small, fitting only a dining table and perhaps a wall unit.’
    • ‘You may want spotlights, mood lighting from lamps or feature lighting for your dining table and sofa.’
    • ‘The main area is filled with two person and four person tables, but there are private rooms all over the house, filled with everything from huge, fourteen-seat dining tables to an awesome room of hammocks around a chess table.’
    • ‘But demand changed and as large pedestal dining tables have become desirable again, longer sets of chairs are required to accompany them.’
    • ‘Mom had already left, and Dad was sitting at the dining table with his daily coffee and toast.’
    • ‘They had gathered at the dining table in the Dining Hall, but food had not yet been served.’
    • ‘The dining table is just adequate enough to serve the family and is placed in such a way that it is just a few paces from the kitchen.’