Meaning of dinner camp in English:

dinner camp


  • 1Australian A place where people driving livestock make camp for food at midday.

    • ‘the dinner camp is at the river bed’
    1. 1.1A midday break.
      ‘the boys have a good long dinner camp to catch up on a bit of sleep’
      • ‘he told the story one day on dinner camp’
      • ‘These days, when you stop for dinner camp, or to meet the locals in the pub at night, you'll meet tourists, graziers, and consultants.’
      • ‘Mostly the team that went with Smokey only saw Arthur twice a day at the dinner camp.’
      • ‘I remember one day on dinner camp, we was all relaxing as the horses fed around us.’
      • ‘One day we drove out to take rations to where the men had their dinner camp.’
      • ‘Your dinner camp would be on the water, maybe two or three hours.’
      • ‘We were on dinner camp and the cattle began to move away.’
      • ‘If they have a dinner camp here, that's supposed to be in their boundary.’
      • ‘These people respect their dinner camp.’
      • ‘They would know which direction to bring the change-horses along to the dinner camp.’
      • ‘If there were no water where we were going to have dinner camp, we would take one pack horse with canteens of water.’