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dinner lady


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informal British
  • A woman who serves meals to children in a school.

    • ‘My wife also served as a dinner lady at the school.’
    • ‘A local dinner lady has challenged a group which claims school meals are ‘muck off a truck’ to try her food.’
    • ‘The staff at Broadway Primary School, where I work as a dinner lady, and Haslingden High School, where Chantelle was a pupil, have been very supportive.’
    • ‘Apart from a minor run in with a dinner lady over gooseberry crumble, which I couldn't stand, I was always a great eater (still am unfortunately) and used to tuck into the hot pot and mixed vegetables with delight.’
    • ‘Every person in a school has their part to play, whether they are a classroom assistant or a teacher, a bursar or a dinner lady.’
    • ‘Maxine, whose five-year-old son Harvey is in year one, said: ‘It is much more than being just a dinner lady.’’
    • ‘Former dinner lady Jackie Thompson said: ‘We have invited Mr Hain to the meeting to defend himself.’’
    • ‘Ordinarily he would not have got to see the paper at all,’ said Carol, now 44, who works as a dinner lady.’
    • ‘We both have jobs which involve meeting the public: I'm a housekeeper in two sheltered housing schemes and also a dinner lady; my husband works as a technician/tutor in a local college.’
    • ‘Now aged 70, Mrs Merrick remains extremely active taking many courses such as computer classes at Belfield Community School, where she worked as a dinner lady for 15 years.’
    • ‘Dorothy started work at Silsden textile firm Knox's, left to bring up daughter June Gorthorpe, then became a dinner lady at Grange Middle School.’
    • ‘Living under an assumed name during the early 1990s, she moved to the south coast of England to work as a dinner lady, until the supervisor told her she was sacked.’
    • ‘Anne, a dinner lady, and her husband, a painter and decorator, say Leanne needs 24-hour one-to-one care.’
    • ‘After Mrs Collins, a former dinner lady at Sevenfields School, said she did not have one or any cash, the youngster made a grab for her and then ran off with his friend.’
    • ‘She was also a well known figure in the Millbrook community having worked as a dinner lady and before that for the Daily Echo's classified motors section.’
    • ‘Honours were given to people from the worlds of education, health and the criminal justice system to school cleaners, a dinner lady and a milkman.’
    • ‘The former dinner lady arrives at work at 7am to fill bottles of water for infant pupils and run a breakfast club before helping out in the classroom.’
    • ‘She was formerly a dinner lady at Queen's Park High School.’
    • ‘Mrs Brooke, of Colbert Avenue, Ilkley is already known to staff and children as she has worked as a dinner lady at Ben Rhydding Primary.’