Meaning of dinner time in English:

dinner time


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  • The time at which dinner is customarily eaten, either around midday or in the evening.

    ‘I'll be back at dinner time’
    • ‘By dinner time this evening all the books were packed, along with small framed pictures and a few small pots and vases.’
    • ‘When dinner time rolled around on Saturday evening, I was still puzzled as to where I could take him.’
    • ‘At dinner time, the trot along the corridor to the central bar and restaurant is a fair one, especially if you're in one of the coupes at the end.’
    • ‘At dinner time I saw somebody who had been with me in Room 27 and he knew what we needed at that point.’
    • ‘In fact, its way past my dinner time now so its probably for the best if I go home.’
    • ‘After leaving work, this doctor would often drink enough to make the family dinner time a very unpleasant experience.’
    • ‘At dinner time, food was served on plates bearing the crest of the Kuwaiti Royal Family, presumably looted in 1991.’
    • ‘She was nearly 4 hours after her normal dinner time and the stress of it was starting to show.’
    • ‘Come dinner time, the thrifty have no choice but to bankrupt themselves - or to get out of town.’
    • ‘Turn dinner time into intense talk time and really let them get to know you better.’
    • ‘At dinner time, Jason was all smiles and tried to talk non-stop with his aunt.’
    • ‘We're standing there, around dinner time on Saturday evening.’
    • ‘Only Corina seemed to be ‘pardoned’ from being victimized, until one evening during dinner time.’
    • ‘Powell said the man assures his victim that he is being truthful and promises to return the money by dinner time that evening.’
    • ‘They wouldn't eat until seven, their usual dinner time for holidays.’
    • ‘I wonder what he'll order, maybe eggs Benedict, he likes that, but its dinner time so I don't think he will.’
    • ‘At dinner time I saw him eat very unhealthy food in the cafe.’
    • ‘As dinner time rolled around they were exhausted and opted for the nearby 2nd Avenue Deli.’
    • ‘By dinner time my hands were sore and swollen, my fingers were bloody and scabbed and my back was going to fall off.’
    • ‘At dinner time on this day, reward yourself with a big baked potato an butter.’