Meaning of dip-dye in English:



[with object]
  • Immerse (a yarn or fabric) in a special solution in order to colour it.

    ‘yarn can be dip-dyed in different colours’
    • ‘similar effects to dip-dyeing can be achieved by spraying’
    • ‘Then the pieces were dyed using dip-dyeing or tie-dyeing.’
    • ‘I also quite liked her blue dip-dyed chiffon top with mother-of-pearl ring detail and her pale lemon silk satin hooded mini-dress with long beaded tassel.’
    • ‘She transferred the drawings of German painter Caspar David Friedrich onto full skirts and dresses, mixed them with computer-like pixellated prints and topped it all with dip-dyed sloppy jumpers or couture-like coats.’