Meaning of dip slope in English:

dip slope


  • A gentle slope in the land that follows that of the underlying strata, especially the gentler slope of a cuesta.

    Often contrasted with scarp slope

    ‘Evidence for flexure would be the existence of a surface which tilts away from the region of the excavation and, more importantly, has a topographic slope which is not necessarily the same as the dip slope.’
    • ‘The fact that older rocks progressively outcrop on the plateau surface to the NW suggests that the tilted surface is not a dip slope.’
    • ‘When viewed from the west or south at long range, Karlik Tagh's asymmetric topography suggests, at first order, a short northern scarp slope and a long south-sloping dip slope.’
    • ‘The dip slopes are interpreted as separating individual sills near the base of the pluton.’