Meaning of diphenylamine in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A synthetic crystalline compound with basic properties, used in making azo dyes and as an insecticide and larvicide.

    Chemical formula: (C₆H₅)₂NH

    ‘However, fluorescence has also been used to evaluate new storage practices, such as hydrocooling of cucumber and treatment of green bell pepper with the antioxidant diphenylamine to decrease chill-induced pitting.’
    • ‘A most probable number method using diphenylamine as a color indicator was employed to enumerate denitrifying bacteria, which produce enzymes for conversion of nitrate to nitrite and nitrite to ammonia in soil.’
    • ‘The resulting product could be rolled into sheets, cut into squares and strips, and stabilized by adding up to 2 percent diphenylamine.’
    • ‘Mix the diphenylamine reagent, as above, and split it into two aliquots before adding the acetaldehyde.’
    • ‘This effect of diphenylamine has been interpreted as blocking a series of dehydrogenation steps in the transformation of the more saturated to the less saturated carotenoids.’



/dʌɪˈfiːnʌɪləˌmiːn/ /dʌɪˈfɛnɪləˌmiːn/