Meaning of diplohaplontic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɪpləʊhapˈlɒntɪk/


  • (of an alga or other lower plant) having a life cycle in which full-grown haploid and diploid forms alternate.

    Compare with diplontic and haplontic

    ‘Other general features include an isomorphic diplohaplontic life history and asexual reproduction in some genera from distinctively shaped vegetative propagules.’
    • ‘Most species are diplohaplontic, with an alternation of free-living generations.’
    • ‘Sporic life cycles are sometimes called diplohaplontic, indicating that both diploid and haploid free-living stage occur.’
    • ‘Among these groups there are three distinctly different life-histories: haplontic, diplontic, and diplohaplontic.’
    • ‘Mosses have a sporic (diplohaplontic) life cycle that is oogamous, and may represent the link between thallophytes (flat, stemless and rootless plants such as liverworts) and cormophytes (plants with distinct leaves, stems, and roots).’