Meaning of diploid number in English:

diploid number


  • The number of chromosomes present in the body cells of a diploid organism.

    ‘For chromosomal non-disjunction, the scoring was restricted to binucleated cells having the diploid number for the chromosomes analysed (two spots for each of the two probes).’
    • ‘The two meiotic cell divisions reduce the diploid number of chromosomes in the precursor cells to the haploid number in the gametes.’
    • ‘In this family a wide range of chromosome diploid numbers is observed and, moreover, an extensive chromosome and karyotype polymorphism in some species has been described.’
    • ‘These subterranean rodents form one of the most karyotypically diverse clades of mammals known, with chromosomal diploid numbers ranging from 10 to 70.’
    • ‘To maintain a constant number of chromosomes from generation to generation, the gametes must contain precisely one-half the diploid number of chromosomes.’