Meaning of diploidy in English:




See diploid

‘Furthermore, it can be shown to hold for PGE with male somatic diploidy and for polyploid apomixis as well.’
  • ‘This article generalizes their approach to allow for arbitrary modes of inheritance, including diploidy, polyploidy, sex linkage, cytoplasmic inheritance, and genomic imprinting.’
  • ‘Recessive deleterious mutations are a major cause for the phenomenon of inbreeding depression, and diploidy may have evolved to mask the effects of recessive deleterious mutations.’
  • ‘First, the increase in frequency of original gene and duplicate (corresponding to the rise of diploidy from haploid organisms) is not at issue here.’
  • ‘Little is known about the transition from diploidy to polyploidy but in some species, triploids are thought to function as intermediates in this transition.’