Significado de diploma mill en en Inglés

diploma mill


coloquial Norteamericano
  • An institution or organization that grants large numbers of educational degrees based on inadequate or inferior education and assessment of the recipients.

    ‘the best online schools have to amass enough alumni performance data to distinguish themselves from diploma mills’
    • ‘The school is trending toward being nothing more than an expensive diploma mill.’
    • ‘OSI purchased two degrees from a diploma mill through the Internet.’
    • ‘She resigned in March amid a flap over a doctorate she received from a diploma mill in a former motel in Evanston, Wyo.’
    • ‘A few years after this changed, Columbia Pacific was shut down when it was found to be what is colloquially referred to as a diploma mill.’
    • ‘Concerns are rising that multimedia and recording technology may mechanise education, turning it into a 'digitalised diploma mill'.’
    • ‘The bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science she lists on her résumé were also bought at the diploma mill.’
    • ‘In his report, Bear said the going rate for a degree from a diploma mill ranges between US $3,000 and US $5,000.’
    • ‘He got his doctorate from a fraudulent diploma mill in Colorado that accepts "love offerings" as payment for their services.’
    • ‘Bureaucrats and politicians branded Sperling's operation a diploma mill, and after a futile five-year battle to win accreditation, he abandoned California and decamped to Phoenix, where he thought regulators would be more receptive.’
    • ‘He conceded there are many definitions of a diploma mill, and CCU's administration has gone to pains in the past to deny the charges, saying it is a legitimate university.’
    • ‘Before he was appointed regional director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he got a degree from a correspondence school that government investigators later described as a "diploma mill."’
    • ‘In the United States, the revelation that a high-level appointee in any government agency had received a PhD from a diploma mill would inevitably result in that person's withdrawal from their appointment.’
    • ‘Then came the embarrassing revelations that he doesn't appear to have a bachelor's degree, that two colleges listed on his résumé, Harvard and Cambridge College, appear to have never heard of him, and that his PhD was obtained from an internet diploma mill.’
    • ‘The indicators of a diploma mill include requiring little or no class attendance, granting degrees based on students' life experiences, charging fees that seem very high or low compared with those of other institutions, and having a name similar to a well-known college or university.’
    • ‘The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, which represents accreditating agencies in the United States, in May issued a fact sheet advising the public on how to tell a "diploma mill" from a legitimate educational institution.’