Meaning of diplontic in English:



  • (of an alga or other lower plant) having a life cycle in which the main form, except for the gametes, is diploid.

    • ‘Most brown algae undergo an alternation of generations life cycle, as does Ulva, but species such as Fucus reproduce via a diplontic life cycle, meaning the adult is the sporophyte and diploid.’
    • ‘The diplontic life cycle is not seen in algae or plants.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, current knowledge on architecture and programming of shoot meristem was not used in this explanation to support genetic results against diplontic selection.’
    • ‘The chromosome changes seen in meristems 2-3 cell cycles after treatment provide a basis for diplontic selection; for the establishment of a new meristem from, perhaps, a few initial cells.’
    • ‘Members of the order Fucales have a true diplontic life history.’


1920s from diplo-‘double’ + Greek on, ont- ‘being’ (from einai ‘be, exist’) + -ic.