Significado de diplopia en en Inglés


Pronunciación /dɪˈpləʊpɪə/


technical term for double vision
‘On examination, his right eye was higher than the left, which produced the vertical diplopia, but there was no facial swelling.’
  • ‘The diplopia recovered completely, although this is not always the case in young patients.’
  • ‘The clinical features of thyroid eye disease include ocular pain, photophobia, chemosis, diplopia, exophthalmos, and eye irritation.’
  • ‘Its typical ocular manifestations are recognised by a variety of clinical features including pain, gritty eyes, photophobia, chemosis, diplopia, and exophthalmos.’
  • ‘Other visual symptoms may include amaurosis fugax, diplopia and partial loss of vision.’
  • ‘May have associated ocular symptoms including partial visual loss and field cuts, diplopia, ptosis, and blindness.’
  • ‘She had been in good health with no previous ocular complaints, including changes in vision or diplopia.’
  • ‘The most commonly observed adverse events with oxcarbazepine therapy are dizziness, somnolence, diplopia, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, ataxia, abnormal vision, tremor, dyspepsia and abnormal gait.’
  • ‘The sudden onset of vertigo in a patient with additional neurologic symptoms (e.g., diplopia, dysarthria, dysphagia, ataxia, weakness) suggests the presence of vascular ischemia.’
  • ‘Patients should be warned of possible side effects of this anticonvulsant medication (eg, nausea, vomiting, headache, diplopia, constipation, confusion, ataxia).’
  • ‘Signs and symptoms may include diplopia, epistaxis, ecchymosis, crepitus, hypesthesia in the infraorbital nerve distribution, and restricted upward gaze secondary to inferior rectus entrapment.’
  • ‘In support of a diagnosis of botulism, the weakness was predominantly proximal (most patients present with descending weakness), there was noticeable facial weakness, diplopia, and bulbar dysfunction.’
  • ‘A 59-year-old woman with a history of hypertension presented with acute onset of diplopia, which rapidly progressed to right facial and upper extremity paresthesia and weakness.’
  • ‘They studied patients with moderately severe Graves' orbitopathy, defined as motility impairment causing diplopia, proptosis of at least 23 mm or severe eyelid swelling.’
  • ‘Common symptoms include weakness or numbness of a limb, monocular visual loss, diplopia, vertigo, facial weakness or numbness, sphincter disturbances, ataxia, and nystagmus.’
  • ‘For example, in damage to the sixth cranial nerve, which paralyses outward movement, causing horizontal diplopia, this treatment may allow useful binocular vision with a compensatory head posture, and it may even hasten recovery.’
  • ‘Only 2 patients complained of diplopia at the higher priming dose.’
  • ‘However, 2 patients in group 4 complained of blurring of vision and diplopia by the end of 3 min.’
  • ‘Symptoms include near vision image blur, abnormal color perception, monocular diplopia, glare, and impaired visual acuity, and may vary depending on location of the cataract.’
  • ‘Additional complaints included increased fatigue during the month preceding presentation and fleeting diplopia over the previous 2 weeks that was not gaze dependent.’