Meaning of dipsomania in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɪpsə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪə/

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mass noun
  • Alcoholism, specifically in a form characterized by intermittent bouts of craving for alcohol.

    ‘But for Blairites to attack Brown for networking, briefing the press and installing placemen is a little like an alcoholic accusing a social drinker of dipsomania.’
    • ‘When he sings about his marauding dipsomania and the opposite sex tearing his heart from his body, then stamping and twisting their heel into his hyper-sensitive organ on the squalid street, it rings true.’
    • ‘He died of drink - not the social drinking which leads so often to ruin here - but the fiery, passionate dipsomania which is a common disease even in the very best circles of the Scandinavian countries.’
    • ‘It's a beverage selection that neither Flandrau nor Fitzgerald, kindred spirits in dipsomania, would have approved of.’
    • ‘These characters could inhabit an early Waugh but not a later one, where dipsomania is not a joke but a debilitating disease that wrecks lives.’
    • ‘Alongside Faye Dunaway, Rourke trashed his glamorous image to drag the audience into an abyss of dipsomania.’
    • ‘Blair spends much of the book whining about his dipsomania and sexually perverted thoughts.’
    • ‘The good news is I was already in therapy because of her dipsomania, and it was a free program!’
    • ‘Most of the world exists between the extremes of abstinence (Indonesia and Yemen bring up the rear) and the dipsomania of a Slovenia or a South Korea.’
    • ‘He gossips about the dipsomania in town whilst tracking down and smashing stills.’
    • ‘He suffered from dipsomania (excessive bouts of drinking) and died at the age of 42.’
    • ‘Did I mention I have fairly severe dipsomania?’
    drunkenness, intoxication, inebriation, tipsiness


Mid 19th century from Greek dipso- (from dipsa ‘thirst’) + -mania.