Meaning of dipterocarp in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪpt(ə)rə(ʊ)ˌkɑːp/


  • A tall forest tree from which are obtained resins and timber for the export trade, occurring mainly in SE Asia.

    Family Dipterocarpaceae: numerous species

    ‘Seed volumes were calculated as an ellipsoid of revolution from the nut length and width data obtained from literatures on dipterocarps.’
    • ‘The feeding platform, situated 20 feet up an enormous dipterocarp tree, was successfully completed, with the young volunteers having to learn carpentry at the same time as basic safety rope work.’
    • ‘Despite its seemingly small size, Bako contains a wide range of vegetation - swam forest, scrub-like padang vegetation, mangrove forest, dipterocarp forest and delicate cliff vegetation.’
    • ‘The country is covered with a wide range of mangrove, heath, peat swamp, mixed dipterocarp, and montane forests.’
    • ‘Approximately 225 ha in size, the reserve consists of primary lowland dipterocarp and secondary forest; rainfall is approximately 2,600 mm/year.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin Dipterocarpus, from Greek dipteros ‘two-winged’ + karpos ‘fruit’.