Meaning of direct-drive in English:



  • Denoting or relating to mechanical parts driven directly by a motor, without a belt or other device to transmit power.

    ‘For increased accuracy, the company's systems include linear stages that move the workpiece, as well as direct-drive rotary motors for tube cutting.’
    • ‘‘And if you step back and talk about the power train, we've got a high-tech direct-drive power-shift transmission,’ says Wyant.’
    • ‘The unit comes with a welded work bowl with a molded wear-resistant polyurethane lining, a direct-drive electric motor, and an integrated triangular wedge on the work bowl's outer wall that ensures optimal movement of media and parts.’
    • ‘When the solar power fades, a diesel generator would kick in, but a more efficient engine would be installed that produced one-third of the carbon particulates that direct-drive diesel engines emitted.’
    • ‘A direct-drive gearbox rotates the drum without the use of external gears.’
    • ‘‘The blades on a direct-drive turbine are literally bolted into place; the problem is that, at some point, the wind is going to get too strong for this machine and we've got to get rid of it,’ Sagrillo said.’
    • ‘Most midsize graders feature direct-drive power-shift transmissions with inching capability and six to eight forward-speed ranges and four to six reverse-speed ranges.’
    • ‘A Deere engine and direct-drive powershift transmission help the G-III series pull bigger drags, faster, and in a higher gear than ordinary skidders.’
    • ‘There are two basic types of whole-house ventilation fans, direct-drive and belt-drive.’
    • ‘The addition of a direct-drive cutting head and steel-reinforced drive belts insure precise tracking, according to company officials.’
    • ‘The direct-drive AC spindle eliminates the use of gears or belts to drive the spindle and reduces vibration and chatter.’
    • ‘We are looking at piezo direct-drive injectors for high-end cars.’
    • ‘The machine is featured with a direct-drive motor-driven rotary table that is available either in high-torque or high-speed types.’
    • ‘Rather than the belt-driven mechanisms so common in other lathes of its time, the 1931 AM31 instead employed a direct-drive design, where the motor itself was an extension of the platter's spindle.’
    • ‘It has a standard 30-hp 12,000-rpm inline direct-drive 40-taper spindle.’
    • ‘Intended for direct-drive applications in large inertia and high torque load systems, brushless torque motors deliver stall torque ranging from 2 to 1490 lb/ft.’
    • ‘During the bamboo rod period of the 1940s and early '50s, Shakespeare reels (notably the top-end direct-drive President and narrow-framed Sportcast) ruled the tides.’
    • ‘A direct-drive engine typically operates at much slower speeds, and 175 pilots tried to operate the GO - 300 at slower speeds.’