Meaning of direct injection in English:

direct injection


mass noun
  • (in diesel engines) the use of a pump to spray fuel into the cylinder at high pressure, without the use of compressed air.

    as modifier ‘a direct-injection diesel’
    • ‘The new LCV comes with direct injection turbo charged diesel engine and an increased payload capacity to help customers achieve better economies of scale.’
    • ‘Direct injection is the coming technology for both gasoline and diesel engines, according to Bosch.’
    • ‘The direct injection turbo diesel is borrowed from Peugeot and provides an alternative to the petrol power.’
    • ‘The 2S19 is powered by a diesel engine with direct injection and mixed supercharge.’
    • ‘The test engine was an air cooled one cylinder four stroke diesel engine with direct injection.’
    • ‘Most significant, in the Irish context, is the arrival of the latest pump injector direct injection diesel from Volkswagen, which comes in 90 and 115 bhp versions.’
    • ‘The new engine employs a common-rail direct injection system with precision-controlled fuel injection pressure and injection timing along with a small high efficiency turbocharger.’
    • ‘Engine - 2.5 litre five-cylinder, intercooled, turbo-charged, direct injection diesel - the same engine used in the 110.’
    • ‘The modern high - speed direct injection diesel was the key European answer to the fuel crisis of the 1970s and it also brought with it a reduction of GHG emission in its wake.’
    • ‘Research indicates that direct injection and low compression ratios will facilitate mode switching.’
    • ‘‘Homogenous combustion and shaping the injection of fuel wave through direct injection are two very important technologies for diesel,’ say Bohr.’
    • ‘The two 16 valve direct injection 1.7 diesel powertrains boast outputs of 75 and 100 bhp.’
    • ‘This contrasts with competing lean burn high-pressure direct injection systems which require a catalytic converter with a NOx trap to control emissions.’
    • ‘The 100kW turbocharged common-rail direct injection engine has a useful 320Nm of torque on tap, which is available between 1750 and just over 3000 rpm.’
    • ‘There are various reasons why high-pressure, direct injection is superior to indirect injection (which utilizes a pre- or intake chamber for the fuel).’
    • ‘It was there that the four cylinder engine with direct injection unleashed its true power, as it rolled along the Trans Kalahari Highway.’
    • ‘New-age diesels with electronically controlled, common-rail direct injection are cleaner, quieter and quicker than the old oil burners drummed off the market.’
    • ‘GM estimates that direct injection can improve gas engine fuel economy by 10 percent.’
    • ‘Having made the gradual switch to direct injection and turbocharging - reducing fuel consumption by some 10-15% - noise became even more of an issue.’
    • ‘Bosch supplies the direct injection pump and injectors.’