Meaning of direct labour in English:

direct labour


mass noun
  • 1Labour involved in production rather than administration, maintenance, and other support services.

    • ‘In service businesses like mine, direct labor is usually the largest component of the cost of sales, and you can use it to get a quick read on changes in your overall cost-of-sales number.’
    • ‘Moreover, it implies that there must be some kind of macro equality between value added created by living or direct labour and value added distributed through exchange of commodities.’
    • ‘So what I call ‘invisible’ costs are quickly beginning to be more significant than direct labor costs.’
    • ‘For items that are manufactured in house, item costs include all associated direct costs, such as direct material, direct labor, and factory overhead.’
    • ‘Examples of common fixed costs are insurance and depreciation while variable costs include direct labor, raw materials and utilities.’
    • ‘These lucky winners will incorporate more flexible production systems with better space utilization and less direct labor, pound for pound.’
    • ‘Overhead, which included all non-productive costs and an interest charge of 4 per cent on the net investment, was allocated to products on the basis of direct labour cost.’
    • ‘The cost of the activity starts with direct labor - the number of dock workers involved and the time it takes them, factored against their salary and benefits.’
    • ‘The IRS says processing a paper income tax return costs about $2.40 in direct labor compared with $1.40 for an electronic return.’
    • ‘Total labor includes direct labor and all indirect expenses associated with labor, to be used in the FCS Phase I period of performance.’
    • ‘The increase in costs/exchange value of information (fixed capital) in relation to direct labour is the cause for capitalism to commodify information, not the other way around.’
    • ‘These provisions, which defined a costing method based on hourly rates for machines, for direct labour or for workshops, were based on a note describing Renault's method.’
    • ‘Manufacturers will remain eager to both take advantage of lower direct labor costs and seek ways to serve the China market.’
    • ‘This is where the strength of our Mexican managers came into play - the relationships they built, how they related to the direct labor we were hiring.’
    • ‘But those who concentrate on rising wage costs should bear in mind that direct labour is only a small fraction of the total costs of high-tech production.’
    • ‘That probably gave rise to some increase in productivity which is reflected in the direct labour costs of doing the remedial work.’
    • ‘Residential segregation concentrates this small-scale investment of direct labour.’
    • ‘The body shop will produce 38 jobs an hour with 60 to 70 direct labor employees per shift’
    • ‘These books covered, for example, the cost of materials, the direct labour cost, and indirect costs such as fuel and lighting.’
    • ‘It is time senior management within the council found out just how much efficient checking is going all by all their junior managers and all contractors and the direct labour force.’
  • 2Labour employed by the authority commissioning the work, not by a contractor.

    • ‘If direct labour is being used instead of a recognised building contractor, mortgage providers may also insist upon some form of public liability or employers' liability insurance.’
    • ‘We found that, generally, direct labour was more expensive than contractors.’
    • ‘Two years ago, Plunkett Hall in the seaside village was demolished and six houses were built on the site using direct labour supervised by Fr Furlong and a member of the parish council development committee, Brendan O'Connor.’
    • ‘We no longer use direct labour to carry out our refurbishment works.’
    • ‘Some home-builders choose not to engage a contractor and to conduct the project via direct labour but the savings to be made, about 10%, are mitigated by costs of insurance and the effort involved.’