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Pronunciation /dɪˈrɛktəʃɪp/ /dʌɪˈrɛktəʃɪp/

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  • 1The office or position of being in charge of an activity, department, or organization.

    ‘the Federal Bureau of Investigation rose to prominence under the directorship of J. Edgar Hoover’
    • ‘I was offered the directorship of the Museum of Fine Arts’
    • ‘He became the museum's assistant director in 1964, assuming the directorship in 1969 at age 34.’
    • ‘He was feted with academic honours and positions, including the directorship of a masterclass in composition in Berlin.’
    • ‘In his first press interview after accepting the directorship, he observed that the city had "neglected the museum for 10 years."’
    • ‘He went on to accept the directorship of the Australian Ballet, and later the directorship of The Royal Ballet.’
    • ‘Where building is staged or ongoing, the developers usually retain directorship of the management company until the last unit in a scheme is built.’
    • ‘He had a distinguished career which included the directorship of the Museum of Natural History in Paris.’
    • ‘Having held the directorship for fifteen years, he found himself leading his ballet company on his last U.S. tour.’
    • ‘So by the time he took the Met directorship in 1966, museums were already moving in the direction of mass entertainment.’
    • ‘In May, Alan had to devote more of his time to his paid positions and stepped down from the executive directorship.’
    • ‘From 1960 to 1962 he was president of the Society of Chemical Industry, and he retained his directorship of the Midland Bank, to which he had been appointed in 1955.’
    1. 1.1Membership of the board of people that manages the affairs of a business.
      ‘she has held a number of directorships, including seats on local radio stations’
      • ‘he wants to devote time to his directorship of the local football team’
      • ‘In addition, they were banned from holding company directorships for five years.’
      • ‘A Tory frontbench spokesman, he had 16 directorships last year, estimated to be worth more than £100,000.’
      • ‘He and his wife together hold nearly 20 corporate directorships, which may be the nationwide record.’
      • ‘As Shadow Foreign Secretary, he will be able to keep lucrative directorships and after-dinner speaking engagements.’
      • ‘He has spoken to several e-commerce companies and intends to take about six non-executive directorships, details of which he will announce shortly.’
      • ‘They were given forms on which they must list their directorships, property interests and shareholdings worth over £10,000.’
      • ‘In the latest register of member's interests, he listed paid directorships for two insurance firms.’
      • ‘There are plenty of opportunities to take on the odd business consultancy or accept a directorship or two, and any number of organizations are looking for volunteers.’
      • ‘Companies in trouble appoint more women to leadership positions, including main board directorships, as one of the more consistent recovery measures.’
      • ‘I propose that, simultaneously to appointing the senior management to the board of the trading subsidiaries, you resign your directorship from each one of them.’