Meaning of directrix in English:


nounplural noun directrices/dɪˈrɛktrɪsiːz/ /dʌɪˈrɛktrɪsiːz/

  • A fixed line used in describing a curve or surface.

    ‘In the following, the feet of perpendiculars dropped from points A, B, etc. on the parabola to the directrix will be denoted A ’, B ’, etc.’
    • ‘The focus and directrix of a hyperbola were considered by Pappus.’
    • ‘The directrix is used in the construction, which follows, mutatis mutandis, the same course as the above construction in the case of the ellipse.’
    • ‘It is the pedal curve of the parabola where the pedal-point is taken as the reflection of the focus in the directrix.’
    • ‘The hyperboloid is then indented and connected to a series of hyperbolic paraboloids through their common directrices, thereby leading the ensemble toward the four load-bearing points to the ground.’



/dɪˈrɛktrɪks/ /dʌɪˈrɛktrɪks/


Early 18th century from medieval Latin, literally ‘directress’, based on Latin dirigere ‘to guide’.