Meaning of direfully in English:



archaic, literary

See direful

‘Immigration lawyers vary in standard from the very brilliant, to the direfully inadequate, and for those immigration candidates whose English is less than adequate, informing oneself becomes practically impossible.’
  • ‘The pupil's words may be right, but the conceptions corresponding to them are often direfully wrong.’
  • ‘Opponents of this sea change were aghast and direfully warned that if this were to occur, the sky would fall and civilization as we know it would come to an end.’
  • ‘And the city began to take fire, and to burn very direfully; and it burned all that night and all the next day, till vesper-time.’
  • ‘Sometimes, indeed, in his sleep, he would utter little yells, as from pain, but that occurred, no doubt, when in his dreams he encountered huge flaming dogs who threatened him direfully.’