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‘Beginning with a spliced viola whine that sounds redolent of a weedwhacker gone haywire, the song features an unflinching drum rhythm that starts entropic, before being finally pinioned by a dirgeful bassline.’
  • ‘On the gorgeous closer ‘Crawling by Numbers,’ she similarly warms up the chorus with a beautiful reach - the juxtaposition of her voice with the song's dirgeful strings making for a mesmerizing finale.’
  • ‘Over the course of forty minutes and six movements Foon and Cawdron et al provide a dirgeful opus of clevises, cowbells, and weeping, sawing strings; a cycle of loss - a soundtrack to the world's end.’
  • ‘The album closes on a self-conscious note with a dirgeful, if rote, cover of The Beatles’ ‘Girl’.’
  • ‘‘Support Systems’ features more shock-and-awe dynamics, but grows dirgeful in its slow-building eight minutes.’