Meaning of dirt bike in English:

dirt bike



  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used especially in scrambling.

    ‘Riding along the country roads on a dirt bike seemed fun at first but after two hours of being on the bike, Romeo had to pull over by a grassy field and they stopped there for awhile, resting in the grass, kissing and talking softly.’
    • ‘I play around with BMX biking and ride my dirt bike when I have time to take it to the track.’
    • ‘Gamers can choose to race on a dirt track with jumps on a dirt bike.’
    • ‘If you are looking to find some excitement with 4 wheels then you have to discard the dirt bike, scooter, moped and mini bike.’
    • ‘In Anna Casey's Place in the World the kids build the Race-A-Rama, a dirt bike track of immense hills and precipitous pits and ditches.’
    • ‘Garret led the bunch out to the dirt bike track that the brothers made with their dad's help.’
    • ‘‘Sixty miles an hour,’ he would tell me later, ‘on a dirt bike, down a steep road.’’
    • ‘The Marysville Motorcycle Plant began production of a simple dirt bike in September 1979.’
    • ‘From the sound, and what little I saw, I could tell he was on a dirt bike - and the only exits to this track were on main roads.’
    • ‘We followed them outside Master Hall where Delivery Man went up the ramp of his truck and came back down, rolling a green dirt bike.’
    • ‘Last week she finished up the last of her court-ordered community hours - a penalty for trying to steal a dirt bike to help support her drug habit.’
    • ‘My older brother Kevin had a summer job detasseling corn, and when he wasn't in the fields, he was tinkering with his dirt bike at his buddy Rick's place.’
    • ‘When Gary's beating the best in the wilds of mid-Wales his fan club includes his wife, Amanda, daughter Sophie and young Gareth, who just happens to have his own dirt bike.’
    • ‘I had my own bike jam as I spent the morning riding trail with some of the Team Mom guys, swung home and swapped the dirt bike for the street machine and pedaled down to Patterson Park for the official Bike Jam.’
    • ‘He opened the (carefully picked) lock and eased inside, making his way to the ground and out the rear entrance, hopping onto the dirt bike waiting there.’
    • ‘Blake tilted his head to the side, surveying Trey quickly once more before asking, ‘Ever ridden a dirt bike?’’
    • ‘‘Hi,’ she said turning off the engine, but not getting off the dirt bike.’
    • ‘The four girls laughed, and a dirt bike skidded by.’
    • ‘Eric you never told me about Garret owning a dirt bike.’
    • ‘A USAF Combat Controller had rode around the landing area on a light dirt bike and planted landing lights to help guide the force in.’
    • ‘Use of the dirt bike was approved, so I gave it a go.’
    • ‘I asked for a dirt bike when I was a 7-year-old kid, and I've been into speed ever since.’