Meaning of dirty look in English:

dirty look


  • A facial expression of disapproval, disgust, or anger.

    • ‘they were giving me dirty looks for taking up so much room at the bar’
    • ‘He shot her a dirty look plainly expressing for her to mind her own business.’
    • ‘They put us down, and frown on us, and the dirty looks I get sometimes really make me feel like I am some sort of outcast.’
    • ‘She shot the blonde girl and her friend dirty looks before making a gagging expression.’
    • ‘Instead of people coming up and congratulating me, for saving their summer, I'm getting dirty looks at the bus stop and nobody wants to sit next to me in the staff canteen.’
    • ‘But it would be rude of you and you'd deserve those dirty looks if you blew your nose loudly and sloppily right next to someone.’
    • ‘When we disembarked it was to dirty looks from people returning from the office who made no attempt to hide their jealousy at having spent the day hard at work while we swanned about.’
    • ‘Straightening my suit and casting dirty looks at my colleague, who seemed to think there was nothing wrong at all, I headed over to the receptionist.’
    • ‘We got a few dirty looks, but amazingly nobody actually stopped us or told us what we were doing was highly dangerous and forbidden, which I'm sure it was.’
    • ‘He was screaming and carrying on, and I got such dirty looks from other people who saw what happened that I burst into tears myself.’
    • ‘In Scandinavia, those jaywalkers would get dirty looks by the traffic police.’
    • ‘They were then treated like outcasts for the entire night and were getting some seriously dirty looks.’
    • ‘Was it my imagination or were people casting dirty looks at both of us even though I certainly had no intention of giving them a parking ticket?’
    • ‘Almost, but not quite, as annoying as these failed policemen are the people who tut and give me dirty looks for using disabled toilets.’
    • ‘We got some dirty looks from people who may have thought continuing to shop while in line was cheating somehow.’
    • ‘Actually, judging from some of the dirty looks I received, I think I can guess.’
    • ‘I would try to make her laugh, and soon she wasn't giving me dirty looks anymore.’
    • ‘After word got out about my test, I got dirty looks from several people in the dorms.’
    • ‘Mind you, they didn't give us any dirty looks, so they may not have minded that much.’
    • ‘When we left for the bus stop, it seemed as though the parents gave us dirty looks.’
    • ‘Finally I realised that I was getting dirty looks from pedestrians who spied my bump.’
    frown, glower, glare, grimace, black look