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  • ‘Lydia has not been part of their growing years, nor has she been able to talk to them about congenital gender disablement and answer their questions about the condition.’
  • ‘In those circumstances, therefore, I am not satisfied that the disablement, albeit being physical infirmity or illness, did not arise directly or indirectly from a condition which first came into existence after 28 July.’
  • ‘These disablements can result in loss of gene function at the transcription or translation level since the sequence no longer results in the production of a protein.’
  • ‘Recognizing this common structure as a structure of need-deprivation and capacity disablement thus brings to light a genuine commonality in the lives of the oppressed.’
  • ‘Fortunately doctors were able to save him from any permanent disablement but there is no doubt in the mind of the jury what your intention was.’